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He is often referred to as Uncle Curtis by his nephew C. Curtis is known for his hackneyed jokes, overly loud delivery, and acting like a negative racial stereotype. He is overweight and has fainted once from a blocked artery, but he ignored the diet his wife Ella set for him, and is unable to stay away from his usual fatty foods.

Denyce Lawton Wiki/Biography Denise-Marie Lawton was born on 2 May , in Seoul, South Korea, of African American descent, and is an actress known for her appearances in various television shows, including “Numb3rs”, and “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” during a .

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Bio. Denyce Lawton is a Korean-born American actress best known for her recurring role as Dana Carter on the television comedy-drama series House of Payne, from

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Denyce Lawton

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October 21, Cast The show revolves around the Payne family. They live in suburban Atlanta. It is noted that all main cast members are credited only for the episodes in which they appear. He is often referred to as Uncle Curtis by his nephew C. Curtis is known for his hackneyed jokes, overly loud delivery, and acting like a negative racial stereotype. He is overweight and has fainted once from a blocked artery, but he ignored the diet his wife Ella set for him, and is unable to stay away from his usual fatty foods.

A noticeable running gag is when he jokingly pushes Ella to the side with one arm when he wants to go by, she usually lands on the sofa. Despite his immaturity in this matter, his maturity and responsibility are apparent in his job as the chief of the local fire department.

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Denyce Lawton The Korean-born actress had a bone to pick not only with show creators but also with some of the people who were bashing the show despite being avid viewers of other reality shows.

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Which is great news for a show like Supergirl. In addition, The CW will be casting a biracial woman of color. Black Koreans do exist and Denyce is one of them. Yes, you heard right John Henry and namesake aside.

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There were nasty rumors spreading about Denyce Lawton recently. She was rumored to be into relationship with married man and was allegedly expecting a baby from one of them, because she wanted to have the money that the father of the child is supposed to pay for child care. So despite all these rumors Denyce manages to be seen in the media with her head held up high and she is seen happy together with the new Denyce Lawton boyfriend named Darrin Henson.

So Denyce is an actress and Denyce Lawton boyfriend is also an actor and also he likes to take care of his body by taking up fitness. Hus, the media did not know about their relationship until there were pictures spreading of these two in one clubs in Miami. Denyce Lawton boyfriend has celebrated his birthday party this month and she also had her own the same month. Since then they have pictures together that are posted on the internet only now. Now all the rumors that Columbus Short is Denyce Lawton boyfriend are broken, because she was never involved with him.

Further he is a married man and Denyce has stated that she would never get involved with married or taken men. Denyce is not that type of person. And here is some information about her.

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More about the Denyce Lawton and Wesley Jonathan dating / relationship. More about the Denyce Lawton and Keith Robinson dating / relationship. More about the Denyce Lawton and Tyron Lue dating / .

Denyce Lawton Dating History Right 78 minutes. A conservative bloggerauthor has sworn off dating until she is swept off her feet by the. Her dating history speaks to that.. Miss Lawton gets around huh? Denyce Lawton History Talk 0. Wesley Jonathan made his 2. Denyce Lawton Love history. Salary, Houses, Cars Is he married, dating or gay?