How do I delete my local account on Windows 10

This tutorial does not apply to Microsoft accounts. Note If Windows 8 is set to sign in to the local account automatically at startup that you are changing the password of, the you will also need to change the current password to the new password here as well. Passwords in Windows 8: FAQ – Microsoft Windows Help Warning If you change the password for a local account other than your own, then that account will lose access to it’s EFS encrypted files , personal certificates, and stored passwords for websites or network resources. If the local account doesn’t have any of these, or doesn’t mind losing them, then changing the password while logged in as an administrator is a fast and easy way to recover the other user account from a forgotten password. Open PC settings , and do step 2 or 3 below for what Windows 8 you have. Do step 6 or 7 below for what you would like to do.

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Today I wanted to install some app from Windows Store. I wanted to assess some UX scenario in it. To do so I had to sign in using my Microsoft account. Not only I signed into Windows Store, but Windows also quickly connected my local account with Microsoft’s one and somehow changing it for an online one. I’ve realised that when I restarted my machine and I had to logon using my Microsoft account credentials rather than my previous local ones. What I tried I found on the net, that I can disconnect my Microsoft account from my user account.

I followed these simple steps: So I entered my local account password twice and my password hint as required and clicked Next.

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Maybe you are Jason Bourne and are being hunted by the U. Delete Microsoft Account permanently The first step into deleting your Microsoft account is to log out of your current account and create a Local Account on your Windows 10 PC. Log into that local account, then click on the Start button and launch the Settings app. Benefits of using Microsoft Account in Windows

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Learn to disconnect OneDrive for good The last step in restoring a local account is to create a local user name and password Click to enlarge When you install Windows 10 for the first time, the Setup program tries very, very hard to convince you to sign in with a Microsoft account. The option to use a traditional local account is available, but it’s easy to miss.

The ability to sync settings between Windows 10 devices also comes in handy if you own more than one Windows 10 PC. But if you don’t use those services and you prefer to use a local account, you can remove the connection to a Microsoft account any time. After confirming that the account is set up to use a Microsoft account, click Sign in with a local account instead. Enter the password for your Microsoft account to confirm that you’re authorized to make the change, and then click Next.

On the Switch To A Local Account page, enter your new local user name and password, along with a password hint, as shown here. Click Next to sign out from the Microsoft account and sign back in using your new local account. This change doesn’t affect any files or installed Windows desktop programs. If you’ve set up any apps from the Windows Store, you’ll need to sign in again.


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I installed Windows 7, activated the built-in administrator account and removed all other user accounts. I then upgraded to Windows 10 which after the upgrade naturally had only this one user account, the built-in administrator account. This allowed me to connect the built-in administrator account in Windows 10 to a Microsoft account and use Windows Store to download apps. Notice that because the default restrictions, this is normally not possible; when the built-in admin account is used as it should, not as a sign-in account to Windows but solely for administrative tasks it is not possible to use most of the Windows Apps with it Store, Edge and so on , and it cannot be converted to a Microsoft Account.

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Tweet It Say your network of Windows computers used to be a workgroup and you changed it to a domain. Now you have a bunch of workstations that can be accessed by both local user accounts from their time as part of a workgroup and domain user accounts stored in Active Directory. Is there any way you can prevent users from continuing to log on using their old local user accounts stored on their machines?

The preferred solution is to delete the local user accounts from each workstation that has them. A possible alternative is to use Group Policy to manipulate the Log On Locally user right to prevent anyone except domain users from logging on to desktop computers targeted by such policy. But the Log On Locally approach should be carefully tested on a test network before using it on your product network to ensure no unpredictable effects result from implementing it in your environment.

Another approach worth exploring is to use a script to delete unwanted local user accounts from your computers. A sample script that does this and which you can customize further if needed can be found at http: By deploying this script to targeted desktop computers using Group Policy, you should be able to remove all unnecessary local accounts from these computers. Configure the policy so that users have to enter a long, complex password and they have to change it every day to something new and enforce password history using its maximum value to prevent them from re-using their old passwords.

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