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Beausoleil Island This is Canada’s unique natural treasures. It is an 8 km long island located in Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay. With its mixed ecosystems of the deciduous forest in the south and to the pure Canadian Shield to the north, it is home for diverse wildlife species. The island also offers many activities and cultural heritage dating back 5, years! Beausoleil island can only be reached by boat. You could visit the island by driving to the nearby town of Honey Harbour and catching the park shuttle boat. From Toronto, it will take about 2 hours to get to Honey Harbour. It will take another 15 minutes to cruise over the sparkling waters to Beausoleil Island.

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Household Hazards Batteries burned in waste combustion facilities can release mercury or cadmium to the air and water, ultimately entering the food chain and posing health threats to people and the environment. Since , most types contain no added mercury, and contain only trace amounts. These batteries are marked “no added mercury” or have a green tree logo.

 · Boat Forms. Many of the forms are in the Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) format. signing and dating the face of the negotiable Certificate of Title; a public notice will be posted on the TPWD website for a period of six (6) months to allow owners to claim the asset. If, after the six (6) month web posting, the assets are not picked up by the

The town was named fo r the nearby stream, the Hood River. The town was incorporated in and currently has an estimated population of 7, The city is bordered on the north by the Columbia River which is the dividing line between the states of Oregon and Washington. Along the river and the city runs the Union Pacific Railroad, one of the leading transporters of lumber, chemicals, food and autos.

The rail that runs thru the city is the key leg of the rail that connects the eastern states to the western coast. These forest lands are thick and lush with numerous indigenous species of trees, plant life and wild life. The County of Hood River borders the city to the south. The city has three very distinct districts within its boundaries. The first is the downtown business district. This is the busie st of the three, where all the county and city political buildings are located.

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Boating, with it’s heavy emphasis on boat reviews and DIY maintenance, is the most trusted source of boating information on the web.

Add to Wishlist Install Improve your experience at sea with OnCourse, the new boating and sailing navigation aid from MarineTraffic, the global leader in vessel tracking. OnCourse helps you stay aware of the traffic around you, plan your voyages, while sharing your position with your friends and loved ones through the MarineTraffic Live Map.

It will only be displayed on the MarineTraffic website and apps. As such, OnCourse is a self-reporting tool that does not substitute AIS transmissions and it is not, by any means, related to the safety and navigation equipment of a vessel. Intended use Provided that Internet connectivity is available, the vessel’s positions will start being reported once the OnCourse application is launched on your mobile device.

Note that the positions will continue being reported even if the app is running in the background! It is important to be used only when the device is on board a vessel and it must be turned off whenever the device leaves the vessel! How to use OnCourse – Registration Required Registration for a MarineTraffic account is required in order to start reporting your position through the application.

The details of the vessel such as vessel’s name, call-sign, dimensions, destination, ETA, etc must be also configured when using the app. Email notifications In order to avoid unwanted position reporting, MarineTraffic will send e-mail notifications at your registered email address, whenever your app is active. This serves as a reminder that position reporting should only be active when you are at sea and must be turned off when on land.

Disclaimer This application is to be used for informational reasons and as navigation assistance.

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The lock lifts every passing vessel an astounding Construction on this lock was challenging. Design elements called for a unique feature, a water saving side pool which would allow about half of water from a locking to be reused on the next locking. Couple this extra feature with its massive size, the need to build it in solid rock, and keep the old Erie Canal open, which this was built directly on top of, required massive engineering.

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If you enjoy peace and natural beauty, then the gentle and remote stretches of the Upper Thames from its source to Lechlade will suit you. From Lechlade to Eynsford the river is full of such unexpected sights and delights, like kingfishers and otters, or families of ducks having their first swimming lesson across the river, or the sight of cows standing in the river water, their tails gently swishing away. This lovely area of England is bounded by the Cotswolds.

Here you can take a cruise, hire a punt or motor launch, or just sit at one of the many riverside pubs and watch the scullers from the world-famous University Rowing Clubs in training. From Oxford downstream the Thames meanders its way through beautiful countryside reaches and historic settlements, with an enormous and almost inexhaustible variety of places to visit. One of them – Marlow – is a gem of Georgian architecture, for instance.

Alternatively, you can have the magical experience of actually being on the river itself. You will be surprised as I was at how different your experience of the river will be when you are on board a boat, rather than standing on the bank! Photo Maidenhead courtesy David Auckland Historic sites of compelling interest abound, from tiny hamlets such as Mapledurham with its working watermill to the great castles and royal palaces of Windsor and Hampton Court.

Though still 60 miles from Southend and the North Sea the Thames becomes tidal.


Click here to view the PDF. I was most frustrated with the CQR, even though ours was oversize for the boat. In the hard, fine sand of the Isles of Scilly I came the closest I have ever come to losing a boat, when our CQR dragged in 60 knot gusts.

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Founded by Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops is North America’s premier destination retailer with a legacy of providing boaters, anglers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts innovative, quality gear to experience and enjoy the Great Outdoors. Noteworthy milestones include producing the first ready-to-fish boat, motor and trailer package, creating the modern bass boat and helping to pioneer sportfishing boats that were more accessible to anglers and their families.

From tournament bass angling to Great Lakes walleye runs, wakeboarding to entertaining family and friends, bays to bluewater, WRMG boats are designed and developed by boaters and anglers to ensure every model is ready for many years of on-the-water adventures. Our MISSION White River Marine Group manufactures and distributes quality boats, offering excellent performance, innovation and value, and provides world-class service so everyone can experience the joy of fishing and boating.

TRITON goes to great lengths to ensure every fiberglass and aluminum fishing and family boat they produce is as safe, strong and fishable as possible. Backed by a motto like it, anglers can rest easy knowing their STRATOS boat perfectly melds the fishing and performance features they need for a successful day on the water.

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Uh, good luck with that one! It is true that being pregnant on a boat may slow you down a little, but you can still enjoy time on the water while waiting for your latest crew member to arrive. With a few extra precautions, along with some minor changes to your typical boating routine, boating while pregnant can be safe and still fun. Safety Precautions for Boating While Expecting a Baby How much boating time you can get in while being pregnant most likely depends on the size of your boat and how pregnant you will be during your boating season.

Hitting big wakes on the water in a small boat while pregnant can be uncomfortable for you and potentially dangerous to the baby. Taking the boat on short cruises at low speeds in no wake zones is probably more advisable.

 · of registration dating back to the 11th Act of the First Congress. It serves as evidence of a vessel’s nationality for international purposes, Boaters should check with their state boating agency. To be in compliance with federal documentation requirements,

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message Indigenous people have lived in coastal Southern California for over 10, years, and several successive cultures have inhabited the present-day area of Long Beach. By the 16th-century arrival of Spanish explorers, the dominant group was the Tongva people.

They had at least three major settlements within the present-day city. Tevaaxa’anga was an inland settlement near the Los Angeles River , while Ahwaanga and Povuu’nga were coastal villages. Along with other Tongva villages, they were forced to relocate in the mid th century due to missionization, political change, and a drastic drop in population from exposure to European diseases. The boundary between the two ranchos ran through the center of Signal Hill on a southwest to northeast diagonal.

Its boundaries were in dispute for years, due to flooding changing the Los Angeles River boundary, between the ranchos of Juan Jose Dominguez and Manuel Nieto. Temple created a thriving cattle ranch and prospered, becoming the wealthiest man in Los Angeles County. Both Temple and his ranch house played important local roles in the Mexican—American War.

On an island in the San Pedro Bay , Mormon pioneers made an abortive attempt to establish a colony as part of Brigham Young ‘s plan to establish a continuous chain of settlements from the Pacific to Salt Lake. Three years later Bixby bought into the property and would later form the Bixby Land Company.

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Welcome to Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, one of the oldest settlements in the entire Mississippi Valley, a community steeped in history and tradition, vibrant in the present and rich in promise for the future. Situated at the apex of Louisiana’s “French Triangle”, Pointe Coupee Parish, with a recorded history dating from the time of the Iberville exploration in , has a fascinating Creole culture embodying elements of the French, African and other nationalities who having called this place “home” for nearly three centuries.

Breathtaking vistas of sparkling waters, moss hung oaks, cedars and pecan trees, fields of sugar cane and cotton, stately antebellum mansions and quaint cottages, old churches, cemeteries and country stores combine with modern facilities, visitors’ accommodations, fine dining and antique shopping to give a wonderful contrast of the old and the new. Pointe Coupee Parish enjoys the benefits of modern health facilities, educational systems and a representation of all the major religious bodies, adequate transportation and communication networks, up-to-date law enforcement and emergency agencies and viable commercial and industrial opportunities.

The parish is traversed by U. Highway , Louisiana Highway 1 and lesser routes, and lies directly in the path of the proposed Zachary Taylor Parkway, making the area accessible to other population centers of Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. Pointe Coupee has a resident population of nearly 25, , but plays host to many times that number who visit the parish for each year for the state’s oldest second Mardi Gras celebration in New Roads, plus a host of other community-oriented events, fairs, farmers’ and crafters’ markets, home and garden tours, patriotic observances, aquatic sports and Christmas festivities.

Surrounded by the Mississippi, Atchafalaya and Lower Old Rivers and blessed with the oxbow lakes called False River and Raccourci-Old River, Pointe Coupee Parish is a paradise for sportsmen, including hunters, anglers, boaters and skiers. Many have been the visitor who, captured in the spell and potential that is Pointe Coupee, have decided to make the parish his or her home. Like them, newcomers to the area can also be assured of a caring, neighborly atmosphere, the benefits of responsive governmental bodies and the richness of Pointe Coupee’s legendary joie de vivre, or joy of living, for lagniappe.

Whether your visit to Pointe Coupee Parish is a brief one or a permanent move, we will do our best to make your stay a rewarding one.

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