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Both Lucas and Josh find themselves becoming jealous regarding Riley and Maya. I borrowed the school computers changing over idea from One Tree Hill. Anyway, I hope you all like it! This party was a tradition for the junior class the night before graduation when the school computers changed over and they were officially seniors. They decided to raise the money auctioning off girls for fun dates to the boys in their class. She stepped to the front of the stage, nervously looking back over her shoulder at Maya. Do I have 10? Much less surprising was Lucas hand being one of the first ones up. He even seemed surprised to have so much competition.

Glee: The Next Generation

Maya is almost one year older. Riley seems to be bisexual, while Maya seems to be a lesbian. They were both nice friends to Farkle. Riley has brown eyes, while Maya has blue eyes. Riley has good grades while Maya’s are relatively worse.

Riley Matthews is the main character and title character of Girl Meets World. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Riley and Auggie Matthews are Cory and Topanga’s only children, of which Riley is the older of the two. Her father, Cory Matthews is her ninth grade.

On your left, the couple the show is named after: You were our Fred and Ethel Mertz! Funny, I thought you were our Fred and Ethel Mertz. This “simpler” pairing is the Beta Couple. The Beta Couple is always a secondary pairing and foil to the primary relationship. Often they are friends or confidants of one or both of them, it’s not uncommon for The Hero and his wingman to simultaneously try to hook up with the heroine and her maid of honor.

Usually, they serve as a barometer for how well or poorly the main alpha couple is doing and offer possible solutions to any problems. Hit a Poor Communication Kills? The Beta Couple had that, but worked it out.

Why I Think Lucas Chose Riley (Post 3X05) & Future Predictions [possible spoilers] : GirlMeetsWorld

She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Riley and Auggie Matthews are Cory and Topanga’s only children, of which Riley is the older of the two. Contents [ show ] Appearance Physically, the adolescent Riley is a beautiful young woman; She has a heart-shaped face, a light complexion, and dark brown eyes with matching hair that reaches her mid back; she typically wears her hair down, straight or wavy, but occasionally wears it in a braid, bun, or ponytail.

She has a slim and marginally athletic physique, and is of above-average height, which contributes significantly to her physical awkwardness, mainly her longer legs over which she has little control. Style Riley’s personality is reflected in her sartorial preferences, which consist mainly of bohemian-style outfits with floral patterns or solid colors. She also layers her clothing, preferring to wear long sleeves or T-shirts under dresses and dawning skirts, vests, jackets and various cardigans along with boot-cut or bellbottom jeans.

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First fan fiction of Girl Meets World. Riley-hey, u wanna come over? Lucas-sure, but i need 2 get home by 6 Riley looked at her clock, it said 4: She had lots of time to hang out with him. She then heard a tap on her window, she turned to see her friend Maya on the other side, she went over and let her friend in. It’s almost on hour and you’re not here.

Please call me back or text me” she said as she hung up. Then she heard her dad come into the living, she quickly ran out of her room and to her dad. Riley explained that Lucas was coming over and he hasn’t shown and it’s been an hour. Second of all, did you try calling him?

Chapter 2: Joshaya

Girl Meets Texas Part 1 When Maya realizes the magnitude of her decision to sign Lucas up to ride Tombstone the bull, she passionately tells him she doesn’t want him to do this and protests Riley’s support of him doing so. She then tells Lucas that she won’t talk to him anymore if he decides to ride the bull, which he does.

Maya was afraid something bad had happened to Lucas when he fell off the bull. After Lucas successfully rides the bull, Riley notices Maya watching from afar and realizes that Maya likes Lucas. Riley discovers that Maya makes fun of Lucas because she likes him.

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Josh returns, Lucas likes Maya more than RIley, but kisses another girl? Mangala Dilip Jul 10, While Shawn got an answer and ended up proposing to Katy Cheryl Texiera , Maya still remains confused. In the upcoming “Girl Meets True Maya” fans will see Maya doing something bad in the pursuit of her true self. She wants negate some of the many good deeds she has been doing under the influence of Riley Rowan Blanchard recently.

Meanwhile the Riley-Lucas-Maya love triangle remains a mystery.

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To start I just want to say that I love all the homages to Boy Meets World that they have been sprinkling into the series. This weeks being that Lucas, Farkle, and Zay used jelly beans and a scale to weigh his feelings for Maya and Riley. Which is a huge reason why I think he chose Riley. However in the original series Cory puts the single bag of jelly beans used for both girls on to Topangas side.

Now, if IMDB can be trusted we are currently in a three part arc of Maya reconnecting with her true self and not being so much like Riley.

A supercouple or super couple (also known as a power couple) is a popular or wealthy pairing that intrigues and fascinates the public in an intense or obsessive term originated in the United States, and was coined in the early s when intense public interest in fictional soap opera couple Luke Spencer and Laura Webber, from General Hospital, made the pair a popular culture.

The Perfectionists on Freeform. She is portrayed by Janel Parrish. Mona was revealed to be the first and original ” A ” in ” UnmAsked ” and was sent to Radley Sanitarium for psychological and emotional treatment for a few months. In ” Taking This One to the Grave “, she faked her death with the help of the ” A ” that had taken over her game. However in ” Welcome to the Dollhouse “, it was revealed that she was alive, having been double-crossed and being held captive in A’s dollhouse.

She is also quite stylish and trend setting much like Hanna. Eventually, however, Hanna becomes a part of Ali’s clique and Mona was subjected to her bullying.

Girl Meets World (Series)

Unfortunately, Piper acts as if he’s coming on to Wally, who reacts by running away. Nice display of tolerance there, DC. Steady Beat is a well done Coming-Out Story ; nobody comes out

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She sat in the front row of desks with her best friend Maya Hart to her left, her other best friend Farkle Minkus behind her, and her Texan Boyfriend diagonally aligned to her behind Maya. Gosh, how much she loved saying his name. The southern student had transferred to John Quincy Adams Middle School only four years ago, and had starting dating Riley a year after he arrived. Riley turned around and smiled brightly at him; an image Lucas could never get tired of seeing.

The brunette’s head then twirled around to smile at Farkle, only to see him scribbling down the last notes he would take during his sophomore year. Riley turned around to face her father, who had just happened to be her teacher for the past four years. Cory Matthews had been teaching his daughter, along with her friends, since the seventh grade.

Lucas and Riley

However, Ben starts to develop feelings for her during the second season, trying multiple times to see if they would make a good couple. They then begin dating in the episode “Surprise! The moment is soon gone when Angela, Emma’s mom, shows up at the party and says that she wants Emma back.

Lucas Gottesman was often taunted and bullied at school. He found friends in Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers, which made him a target of “A.” He had a crush on Hanna, but she was oblivious to the fact. He was blackmailed into helping The A-Team by Mona, and he helped them between Season 2 and.

The current installment of the Disney series is nearing its end, but fans are already eager to learn if the lovebirds will continue being together after high school. Riley and Lucas are still together, but their young relationship will allegedly be tested. Lucas ultimately chose Riley over Maya, to the dismay of “Lucaya” shippers.

Maya said she realized she never had feelings for Lucas and was only worried that she would lose her best friend to him. However, it doesn’t look like the messy love triangle will be ending soon. This is because when “Rucas” starts having problems, Lucas will not be able to help himself from asking Maya for help. Speculations even claim that Maya was lying when she said she does not love the boy.

For her, keeping her friendship with Riley intact was more important. What will she do then if Lucas tells her he wants to be with her? Will Lucas really end up causing problems for the BFFs? Meanwhile, Disney is still keeping mum about the possible renewal of the show. Sources claim that “Girls Meets World” is allegedly going to be cancelled because of the big fights among the cast members. There was allegedly some bad blood between Blanchard and Carpenter, even though they act quite chummy in front of the camera.

Blanchard quickly denied the rumor as per Movie News Guide.

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Not just best friend click, like with Riley and Maya. Instead, a deep rooted, passionate, affectionate kiss. Basically they were a couple, especially to the ones most dear to them-the entire school knew never to flirt with Riley because she belonged to Farkle, and Farkle would probably be by her side in the next two minutes.

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There, Hanna finds an unlikely friend in Lucas. The members are asked to role play situations in which they would be pressured to have sex. Sean and Amber pair off, with Sean convincingly acting the part of the instigator who wants to go all the way with Amber, and Amber refuses accordingly. Hanna is called to take a turn – with Lucas. Unenthusiastic, she pretends to ask Lucas upstairs to her room, and after initially refusing to play along, he then says “yes,” making Hanna finally smile and Sean looks red.

At the dance, Hanna sees Lucas leaving early, so she gets him to give her a ride to the office; he confesses that he had come to the dance in order to take photographs and also to cast his vote for her as homecoming queen. The Homecoming Hangover Lucas is taking photos of the discordant Sean and Hanna as a belated homecoming royalty shot for the yearbook. Lucas takes several shots of the two, annoying Sean with his suggestions, such as to have Hanna pose sitting on his lap.

Sean smiles through gritted teeth, and the shoot ends in a bitter argument between Hanna and Sean. Later, Lucas and Hanna bond over funny internet videos. Lucas confesses how intimidated he used to be by Hanna when she was still a part of Alison’s group.


Is this seat taken? Sure, in the beginning three years was too big of an age difference for a relation to work out, but now? She was certainly old enough, and three years didn’t matter that much anymore. Spoilers for ski lodge part two.

The Beta Couple is present in the backdrop of many Romantic Comedies and Dramas with The Hero of the story looking at wooing their Love Interest, to provide a Foil to his/her efforts you will see one of their closest friends have a remarkably easier time getting together. This “simpler” pairing is the Beta Couple. The Beta Couple is always a secondary pairing (and foil) to the primary.

Riley is instrumental in Emily’s dethronement as dance captain and Michelle’s promotion to the title. Riley used to play baseball, but eventually quit after choosing dance over it. At an unknown time, Riley made her entire family become vegan for a year, until they caught her eating a bacon cheeseburger in bed at 2am. Season 1 Riley makes it onto A-Troupe for yet another year.

Riley sees the value of newcomer, Michelle , despite Emily’s poor treatment of her. Riley eventually finds it within herself to stand up to Emily in front of the entire troupe after Michelle is the victim of biased line positions.

Lucas chooses Maya: AU: Fanfiction