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History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved. You may find the Search Engine , the Technology Timeline or the Hall of Fame quicker if you are looking for something or somebody in particular. Scroll down and see what treasures you can discover. Background We think of a battery today as a source of portable power, but it is no exaggeration to say that the battery is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Volta’s pile was at first a technical curiosity but this new electrochemical phenomenon very quickly opened the door to new branches of both physics and chemistry and a myriad of discoveries, inventions and applications. The electronics, computers and communications industries, power engineering and much of the chemical industry of today were founded on discoveries made possible by the battery. Pioneers It is often overlooked that throughout the nineteenth century, most of the electrical experimenters, inventors and engineers who made these advances possible had to make their own batteries before they could start their investigations.

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In , the remains of a human skeleton were discovered in a rock shelter at the Cook petroglyph site in Wyoming County, West Virginia during an archaeological Phase II investigation. Upon examination, archaeologist Robert Pyle speculated a connection between the ancient human remains and the Ogam petroglyphs about ten meters away.

This discovery would become the highlight of nineteen years of ongoing research on Ogam petroglyphs which was heralded by the March Wonderful West Virginia magazine.

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He is a founding member of the Storytellers School of Toronto and has been a feature storyteller at festivals across North America, England and Australia. He has won several awards for his efforts in promoting literacy and was the first recipient of The National Symposium on Arts Education Award for innovation and advocacy in Arts Education in Canada. More information on Bob Barton can be found on his website: Shaun Bradley Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, multimedia artist, and educator and the author of 17 books of poetry and fiction as well as books for both teens and children.

His work has been widely performed, broadcast, anthologized and published nationally and internationally, and has been commissioned by the CBC. He received a PhD. Barwin has given hundreds of readings and performances in Canada and internationally. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his family and a fear of the family car.

More information about Gary Barwin can be found at his website: In a ferment of salty witticism, parroty puns and unforgettable Yiddish vocabulary, this is a novel borne not just on the wings of its feathery narrator, but on its own jubilant and alluring language; its own voice. Playful, mocking, using history with audacious abandon, Yiddish for Pirates is a resplendent enjoyment. We have had animal narrators throughout literary history, but Aaron the African grey parrot, from the shoulder of his pirate master, will lift you to new heights.

Yiddish for Pirates has an unmatched spryness in both thought and language. This book is as irrepressible as my enthusiasm for it.

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She defied traditional gender roles from a young age. Earhart played basketball, took an auto repair course and briefly attended college. Earhart began to spend time watching pilots in the Royal Flying Corps train at a local airfield while in Toronto. After the war, she returned to the United States and enrolled at Columbia University in New York as a pre-med student. In January , she started flying lessons with female flight instructor Neta Snook.

To help pay for those lessons, Earhart worked as a filing clerk at the Los Angeles Telephone Company.

Both Thomas and Robert Aldworth were members of the Society of Merchant Venturers, a group dating back to the 16th century to promote and protect Bristol merchants and trade. This included involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

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Friday 1 September Only one 10kg piece of cabin baggage is allowed. The move reflects the intense competition between budget airlines across the Atlantic. From Manchester, Thomas Cook has created a significant American network.

Details of horrific first voyages in transatlantic slave trade revealed. Exclusive: As the world ignores the ignominious th anniversary of the buying and selling of slaves between Africa and.

Early history[ edit ] In the s and s several individuals proposed or advocated construction of a telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean, including Edward Thornton and Alonzo Jackman. The cable functioned for only three weeks, but it was the first such project to yield practical results. The first official telegram to pass between two continents was a letter of congratulations from Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom to then President of the United States , James Buchanan on August Signal quality declined rapidly, slowing transmission to an almost unusable speed.

The cable was destroyed the following month when Wildman Whitehouse applied excessive voltage to it while trying to achieve faster operation. It has been argued that the faulty manufacture, storage and handling of the cable would have led to premature failure in any case.

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Featured Resource Featured Topic – The Transatlantic Slave Trade It is estimated that more than 12 million African people were displaced from their homes and forced into slavery in the years during which the Transatlantic slave trade was conducted. This iniquitous trade in humans drove much of the foundation of the British Empire and enabled the creation of the United States, despoiled Africa and its peoples, and gave us our modern notions of racisms.

For these reasons it is a crucial subject for young people to understand. For the same reasons it is often seen as too difficult or too political to engage with and is therefore left out of the curriculum. Whilst the Act did not completely eradicate the trade, it marked a major change in British public opinion and the beginning of the end. Here we highlight the key themes in learning about the transatlantic slave trade.

Prior to the 19th century, transatlantic crossings were undertaken in sailing ships, They built on the works of George Cayley dating from , between and , the German pioneer of human aviation Otto Lilienthal also studied heavier-than-air flight. Following its limited use in World War I, aircraft continued to develop.

Email First days at a new job can be overwhelming and exhausting. You’re unclear about expectations big and small, haven’t yet figured out the office pecking order, and don’t even know where the kitchen is not to mention how to use the coffee machine. After a week or two, you usually start to settle in; after a month, you stop feeling like the “new guy” — and in a larger company, you probably aren’t.

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Painting of tomb Bristol merchants had long-standing links with the East India Company the London-based trading company that traded with the East Indies region. Given the importance of Indian textiles to the African trade, it is not surprising to see Bristol merchant families involved in both the East Indian trade and the transatlantic slave trade.

Take the Aldworth family, for example. In Thomas Aldworth became the chief merchant on board the ship the Hosiander, which sailed to the East Indies that year. Thomas Aldworth also owned the ship the Gabriel of Bristol.

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The rapid growth of the Internet was not merely the function of technological innovation. This fundamental restructuring of commerce and communications would not have been possible but for substantive legal reforms that adapted legacy legal concepts to comport with the realities of a hyper-connected Internet age.

Arguably the most important legal and legislative development of the Internet era was the concept of intermediary liability limitations for Internet service providers. Or, stated in a less legalistic way, the policy choice that Internet services should not bear blame for bad people saying or doing bad things on the Internet. Given the size and scope of the Internet and the volume of online communications, it is safe to say that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, YouTube, Allegro, and Dailymotion would not exist today if the law evolved to hold websites and Internet services liable for the actions of their users.

Further, imagine operating a telecommunications network with the sum of all this information passing through without being shielded from responsibility for the actions of all of your users. What venture capitalist in her right mind would invest in a platform that was exposed to liability for billions of websites beyond its control or trillions of posts composed by third parties?

What would Internet business models look like if companies had to pre-screen all user communications before they went live? Yet even with advanced filtering tools, unlawful speech is almost always context dependent. Libel and defamation would not be obvious to a filter. Even more complex is when lawful speech is used unlawfully, as in the case of copyright and trademark infringement. Besides the commercial impact, the implications for free speech would also be disastrous.

Protections from intermediary liability enable platforms to give people around the world a simple way to express themselves and to share what they love with the world, and to challenge the restrictions of oppressive governments.

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Share this article Share ‘Sometimes, I get confused. The singer, 36, admitted she gets ‘confused’ by flipping back and forth between the US and UK versions of talent contest The Voice ‘It took me a minute to be like, “Oh, right! I’m in the UK”. So, you got Blake. He’s really charming, but that’s my competitor, so I gotta watch him.

Studio audience members were the contestants in the hilarious skit Ellen defended her:

Rivera also reminded the District team whereas the change of responsibility filled with symbolism is more than just replacing the old guy, it is about welcoming a new CSM to the USACE family, noting the long history held in Afghanistan by USACE, dating back to building roads and other infrastructure.

Your message has been sent. Close Tour Details Comfortably see why St. Kitts is praised for its nature and history on this private excursion. From the Botanical Gardens to church architecture and sugar plantations, you’ll be immersed in beautiful St. You’ll visit the National Museum and Independence Square prior to heading to the coast for the Carving Rocks and rainforest. Travelers seeking a wide array of sights enjoy this private West Indies excursion. Your tour guide will drive you to Basseterre, the capital of St.

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Yearly Inflation Rate UK 4. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the bridge was the fifth largest suspension bridge in the world at the time of its construction. It spans a total of 1, meters and is eight lanes across.

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Read more about When at Last below. Long at the forefront of the acoustic music scene with his own albums, Russ has also been tapped for collaborations by many of the genre’s finest artists, including Bela Fleck, Alison Krauss, Mark O’Connor and legendary jazz bassist, Charlie Haden. Along with millions of other viewers, you were likely moved by Russ’s emotional rendering of “Ashokan Farewell,” the main soundtrack theme in Ken Burns’ masterpiece, The Civil War.

And viewers in the UK and Europe have gotten to know Russ over the last 19 years as both a member of he house band and a featured artist on the acclaimed BBC Television music programs, The Transatlantic Sessions. Many other performances form the shows, some dating back to the first series in , can be seen on YouTube. But the longtime Nashville resident has been quietly building up a stock of great original tunes, polishing his skills and deepening his musicality.

When At Last offers up the results in a sweet, satisfying collection that pushes melody, lyricism and groove over gee-whiz licks. Less familiar contributors turn up too and add a delightful new flavor to the work. Take live private lessons with Russ on your computer using Skype.

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