Youtube star Laci Green is now a Neo

A post shared by Laci Kay Somers lacikaysomers on Apr 16, at 4: However, the model, who is quite popular on Instagram , has denied that she was hanging out with the pro-golfer. Furthermore, she told TMZ that she has never even met Woods, nor has she ever even spoken to him. Here is what you need to know: Her statement stressed that she is not involved and has not ever been involved with Woods in any way, shape, or form. I have never done drugs or taken any illegal substance in my entire life. I was not partying in LA sic for Memorial Day weekend with him or anyone else for that matter. Please do not believe everything you read on the internet.


From the mid 90s all that way till , his name was making headlines for almost everything good. However, as of , his personal and professional life took a turn for the worst as he was involved in a terrible infidelity scandal as a plethora of females declared they in fact also had a relationship with the golfer despite his marriage to ex-wife Elin Nordegren. In late May, his mugshot was the absolute rockbottom moment of his career.

Self-described trans activist Zinnia Jones says it’s time to push Laci Green and Chris Ray Gun to breaking point. S ince it was announced that one of the biggest voices in online feminism, Laci Green, and anti-SJW YouTuber Chris Ray Gun had a more intimate relationship than expected, many leftist ‘progressives’ have attacked them.

Vegan Gains or Vegan Ghoul? The most egregious example occurred when his year-old grandfather was suffering from a fatal heart attack, and Burgess, the loving grandson, video-recorded the event and posted it online in order to use Grandpa as an example of what happens to meat-eaters. When meat-loving bodybuilder Peter Czerwinski a. His targets include people on both sides of politics, extending even to those who are simply making a personal announcement they are not vegan or no longer vegan, which he feels the need to “debate” beyond simply correcting any misinformation he thinks they may have spread in their videos.

He is hostile to feminism [9] [10] and Islam , [11] defends [12] and engages in casual racism and opposes Black Lives Matter , [13] [14] and is against gender-neutral pronouns. Psychopath In early , Burgess posted a video of himself in a snowy forest with a much mellower manner than before, saying that he had gained a better capacity to empathise with others after a recent mushroom trip. One result of this is that he takes the liberty to engage in fat-shaming of women, [21] ironically contrasting with his assertions that thin people such as Eugenia Cooney are “not naturally skinny” and have eating disorders.

There’s also this thing called The China Study, the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted, and it found that those following a plant based diet excluding all animal products have the lowest risk of chronic disease.

On Privilege and Laci Green

Pinterest Hannah Witton talks about masturbation on YouTube. What did she find most helpful? It helped me understand that side of things.

Melissa A. Fabello is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism, a feminist blogger and vlogger, as well as an online peer sex educator, based out of Philadelphia. Along with Everyday Feminism, Melissa also currently works with Miss Representation, Adios Barbie, and Laci Green’s Sex+ community.

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Sexual Abuse in Dating Relationships

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To help get you up to speed, we asked top experts to weigh in on their fave books on sex and sexuality, from newer releases to tried-and-true classics. Consider this your actually good resource on what to read. It is a very comprehensive guide to most sexual-health issues that you are likely to encounter in your life and frequently connects critical medical information to its cultural context. This story stresses the need for sexual-assault education at the college campus level but provides insight on the need to provide this education at an early age.

And it also sheds light on the need to address the justice system on college campuses. Twenty years later and this is still a go-to guide.

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Why I stand with Kim Davis For those who don’t know Kim Davis is the county clerk from Kentucky that refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. In addition she and her office has not issued any marriage licenses even to strait couples since the summer when the Supreme Court declared gay marriage to be the law of the land, overturning many states laws.

While recent elections have shown the tide to be turning in the view of gay marriage, the US constitution does not even address marriage, yet many state constitutions do. In the 90’s in fear of the Supreme Court one day declaring this new law the Republican led congress passed the Defense of Marriage Act and was signed into law by President Clinton.

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She’s a former Mormon who felt great shame in regards to her sexuality and she fought against that to become a sex educator making videos on Youtube and giving talks at universities. She was passionate and positive and had a lot of fans among her fellow lefties. Then it all fell apart starting with a single video where she declared she was a feminist. That was what started the entire unraveling. In no time at all she was getting attacked from both sides of the aisle, so to speak.

Starting with the anti-feminists and then the SJWs joined in. I can’t recall exactly what triggered them, but you know that once the SJWs smell blood in the water, you’re toast. She tried appeasing her fellow lefties, but nothing she did was ever good enough. She said it reminded her of the oppression she felt when she was a Mormon.

Everything she did was bad. She must feel guilty and ashamed of her wrongness on and on. She started reaching out to her detractors, both the anti-feminists and the SJWs, for one on one discussions and it seems things just go better with the anti-feminists. Many of them troll for fun online so it’s not so serious to them and they don’t give a shit what anybody thinks anyway. She’s now dating one them, I think.

Five YouTube feminists to check out after unsubscribing from Laci Green

Now, this is fascinating, because this is usually the exact opposite of how things normally go in this sphere of YouTube. Has she repudiated all her previous condemnations of male sexuality? And does it make sense that the person who has persuaded Ms.

Laci Green is an important voice for the college student demographic in calling to our attention that rape culture is not a thing of the past. Rape culture is a current reality, and sexual assaults occur more frequently than we tend to acknowledge.

Anybody of any gender or orientation who wants to learn more about sex and sexuality. Emily gives practical advice on a variety of difficult things that come up when you have sex or want to have sex. Or how to deal with breakups. This is a book you can read cover to cover and then keep next to your bed as a handy reference guide. It covers anatomy, technique, virginity, sexual orientation, sex etiquette, porn, kink, sexual health, birth control, pregnancy, teaching kids about sex, sex throughout history and in our culture today, sex and religion, and lots, lots more.

Cisgender women of any sexual orientation, and anyone who has sex with cisgender women. However, the author notes in her introduction that she suspects much of the book will be applicable to transgender women and their partners, as well. Anybody who is transgender or gender nonconforming regardless of orientation , has a loved one or partner who is transgender or gender nonconforming, or wants to learn more about the transgender community.